Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beyond The Grave And Afterlife

From the earliest times people refused to accept death as the end of everything.Even Neanderthals who were a branch of Homo sapiens and became extinct about 35,000 years ago,organized funeral for their deceased.In some cases they put flowers on grave.Later,hunters from ice age,sometimes buried their dead with ornaments and weapons for use in the afterlife, and sprinkled them with red ocher, which is perhaps supposed to symbolize the blood of the new birth.In some farming communities, the body of the deceased would have been exposed to them completely clean by vultures to the bone, and then the bones were buried in the ovaries of family houses.In Pre-Dinastyc Egypt, the custom was to dig the dead in the desert where the sand prevente decay and preserve the skin and hair.That perhaps pointed Egyptians to the practice of mummification.

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Liplatus said...

Hyvin on säilynyt esi-isä, olosuhteet olleet otolliset.

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Gerie said...


Very interesting.

I can tell you this, that all the weapons in the world won't protect a person if they die in their sins, without coming to Jesus first for forgiveness, as there is a real hell, and a heaven, too. Jesus will also safely get us to heaven, if we come to Him in full repentance of our sins.
The worst thing in the world that can happen to a person, is that they would die in their sins.

"There is no other name given among men, whereby we must be saved"

God Bless

Juli Rahel said...

It's really interesting to see how people always had the need to burry their dead with dignity and respect. Some of the best literature has been inspired by deaths and funerals!

Kenny said...

We don't know much about the earliest beliefs of our distant ancestors. It is reasonable to conclude that they probably had some kind of belief in spirits, not unlike primitive tribes in today's world. Organized religions in today's world presume to have the answers to what lies beyond death, but relegates their philosophies to faith, rather than offering concrete evidence of these schools of thoughts.
The earliest pantheistic philosophies (Greek) and later, more inclusive versions, may perhaps have more relevance to the custom of Neanderthals' burying their dead and sometimes covering the bodies with flowers. The concept of life after death has its roots in the fear of the finality of death and is the basis for all religions or belief systems.

The question as to whether humans are genetically disposed to believe in life after death and thus invents belief systems because of that is an interesting question.

jeanlivingsimple said...

Death has always been a the modern day folks.

Tim said...

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Ahmed said...

35,000 years ago ????????

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