Sunday, October 24, 2010

Law and Order

The first human communities were small and didn't require complex systems of management.Many societies have developed a rich cultural life, but customs and traditions were enough to manage their affairs and settle their way of life.Dominion was probably in the hands of senior members of the group or priest.Rise of agricultural communities involved tasks which required the cooperation of the entire community, which created the need for a more formal shape of control.Because of that the elected leaders were people wich were able to control many works such as irrigation systems,employees management, taking care of storing and distributing food and paying to masters who made tools and other necessary things.Royal honor could eventually passed on to those who have led their people in battle with others because of land or rights to water and thus increase personal authority.


Kenny said...

The evidence for priestly, and thus religious power over the ordinary members of a community is unchallengeable and extends to many present day communities, if not indeed whole countries. Independent thinking that runs contrary to the majority of peoples beliefs is generally discouraged if not indeed severely punished. In democratic countries, it may be said that "birds of a feather flocks together", giving rise to religious splinter groups who live by their own rules, much as smaller communities in the distant past may have organized their way of life and village pecking order.

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