Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Revolution - from agriculture to appliances

Although agriculture required much more work,it was bringing much more food for people in some area.Population grew and built the first villages and small towns, which were often surrounded by thick walls that were used for the overnight closure of livestock and to protect stored grain from thieves.Rivers and water sources were secured to these communities, which could have a population of 2000 people,and became merchant centers in that area.
The development of villages and towns meant that people no longer move around as their ancestors did.That spurred the production of new, major appliances, such as pottery vessels that were too brittle and heavy to carry on the longer distances.Cheramic vessels were primarily used as storage, but probably brought a revolution in cooking.In the same time processing of materials such as stone and bone has become very sophisticated in accordance with the development of awareness of the wealth and property.

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